Composed by Robert W. Griffin to an original libretto by Lotta Suter, "Weep with those who Weep: a Requiem" stems not only from experience of personal loss and grief but is also nurtured by the knowledge and certainty that others like Johannes Brahms and Benjamin Britten - have lost and grieved before us and sought to share their sorrow with those around them. Even before the first word of this requiem was set on paper it was important to be able to Weep with those who Weep. As lonely and desperate as the death of a beloved person or just death itself - can make us feel, we stay connected to all mankind who through the ages and in all places has known growth and decay. To celebrate the community with others is the main intention of "Weep with Those Who Weep".

Please click on an image below for more information about the published orchestral score, online video recording and published libretto of "Weep with those who Weep: a Requiem".



Orchestral score

Video recording



Audio recordings (mp3), libretto (pdf), orchestral score (pdf) and piano score (pdf) of the premiere performance of "Weep with those who weep: a Requiem" In October 2016:

Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

Movement 4

Movement 5

Movement 6

Movement 7

Libretto pdf

Orchestral score pdf

Piano score pdf